Author Jeff Michaels has agreed to be the voice for the warm, insightful, and compassionate spirit group, Onereon.

“When Spirit calls, it often does so with a great wash of wisdom. No matter what age, no matter what place, it affects us dramatically. Such is the case of Jeff Michaels. His intuitive messages seem to keep flowing as though to make up for lost time. It's obvious Jeff has the gift, and now is his time to share it! Believe me when I tell you that it's worth your time. " Lee Carroll, Author and Kryon Channel


Onereon (pronounced O nair ee on)

The spirit group Onereon offers assistance to humanity in the goal of raising global vibrations upon the earth.

Onereon acts as a harmonizing energy. In these times of unprecedented change, they strive to bring humanity closer together with beings from the realm of spirit.

As Gaia herself evolves and awakens, so do the beings who call the planet home. Together, humans along with their spirit companions are bringing a new age of light and peace to our place in the universe.

Onereon will assist you in:

  • Becoming aware of who you are and what paths you can pursue
  • Initiating enjoyable relationships with your spirit companions
  • Increasing Love, Joy, and Peace for yourself and others

Above all else Onereon is optimistic in their constant belief that humanity will grow and evolve in compassion and wisdom and create a world of peace and beauty for future generations.

For over a decade,  Onereon channels were published monthly in the international magazine The Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Seven books of channels are available.

For information on Jeff's work with crystal energy and meditations, please visit