Will We Survive?

Onereon Channel from Jeff Michaels, www.onereonchannels.com
Also published in July, 2019 Sedona Journal of Emergence

As above, so below. A question is posed, and it is worthy of consideration, though our answer may, at the first, seem dismaying.

In this time of tumult, when political, ethical, and moral separation seems to be unbridgeable, when the very sense of civil behavior and thus civilization appears to be shattering and fragmenting beyond repair, when the gulf between people’s belief systems and the prolonged exposure of radical thought, long believed eradicated, is brought out into the open to the shock and chagrin of many who search for enlightenment and spiritual growth, it is natural to wonder, “Will we survive this?”

Our answer in brief is: The human race was never intended to survive. Are you shocked at this thought? Allow us to expand on the idea, for the perspective we offer will make things seem simpler and perhaps easier to deal with, at least in the philosophical manner.

We say the family human is not meant to survive and by this we mean that they are meant to adapt, evolve, and grow from what they are in the present day into what they will become in the future. There is great potential within the energy of humanity and it is the potential to improve. With that improvement will come balance and harmony, but much must change and alter before we reach the state of coexistence and stewardship that is the desire of all spiritual beings.

Change remains the only constant in the universe. Embracing this reality will allow for a human to achieve a state of acceptance of the present moment. This acceptance will grant the opportunity to look forward and prepare balanced actions. The prospect of survival, not simply of an individual but also of an entire species, now increases. This is the greatest advantage that the family human possesses. It is what allows for increased advancement, and evolution or adaptation to the ever-altering world that you exist in. Changes are sometimes long, and generations do not realize fully how they are adapting, both physically as well as mentally and emotionally. But in recent centuries the changes have become more rapid, especially the technological shifts of society. It is difficult to keep up.

It may seem as if there is an apocalyptic event imminent. Let us recall then that the term “apocalypse” means a revealing or clearing of perception. The revealing of a new way for the family human to exist requires a dismantling of the old ways that were temporary measures. It also requires the next generations to accept that all measures are temporary and there is little that is permanent beyond certain universal scientific principles. It also requires that future generations realize there is much that is scientific that is yet to be discovered or proved. Becoming more open to such thought is the primary thing that will advance humanity to a next level.

Cessation of judgment, accompanied by acting upon principles of cooperation, sharing, and growth or nurturing of others will create a distinctly new human being. How can we say this with certainty? Because it is the long path of humanity. It is the single element that all varieties of humanity have been imbued with. It is why the species called homo sapien succeeded beyond other varieties, for the trait was more powerful in the DNA and energy of these ones. It could have gone a different way. The long-term cosmic results would be similar. Source energy has a long purpose, longer than any that can be conceived by the family human.


 The diversity created when Source split apart is a way of creative expression. Eventually all will return to a centering and the Source energies will become whole once more. This statement is an illusion, for Source, despite the appearance of being separated, divided into a multiplicity of elements at the current time, is still a cohesive, integrated aspect we call the universe. While the experience is one of diversity and multiple perspectives, the reality is: It is all still Source.

Here on the planet, there is now more attention being paid to the concept of holistic living as well as the practical realization of concentration of information. Is the human race now understanding the concept of coalescence? The intense deconstruction happening now is providing opportunity for coalescing that includes old philosophies and allows for space to update and evolve those philosophies into channels that benefit not just the consciousness-bearing beings on the earth but also the earth itself and ultimately the solar system as well.

Will we survive is a question that has an answer. It is not an easy one to those who are attached to the current perception of reality. Humanity was not meant to survive. It is meant to adapt to new experiences and thrive in a variety of circumstances.

What was once called “human” in the past no longer exists. Trace remnants of other distinct branches of humans may survive within the DNA of the current members of the family human, but they served the purpose of filtering and witnessing what Earth was like in an age that has passed. In the same fashion, what is now abundant life will soon be adapting to new types of climate and seasonal changes.

We say “soon,” and we are not speaking of months or years or even, in most cases, decades. We say soon and, from the perspective of the spiritual realm, accept the probability of a few centuries before the human race, as you understand it now, will have adapted beyond what you can comprehend. But the shift and adaptation is well begun.

Do not despair. The cycle of life will continue. The filtering and balancing work we are accomplishing in this sector of the galaxy will be far along. Children will continue to be born and life will continue to have both happiness and sadness. There will be less stress. Indications are powerful that the family human will be ever increasing in connection, mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually. Not simply with one another but with the world around them. The family human is an integral aspect of the lifeforce that is called Gaia. Connection, even if resisted, is inevitable.

There is much strange energy approaching and much that is awaiting a specific moment, a tipping point as it were, where the domino effect will begin. What looks like chaos upon the planet in the current age will be understood in the future as experimentation and planning.

Are we then asking you to wait, to be patient for some future perfection before you can be happy? No. Happiness is a state of mind and you can choose to enter into such a state at any given moment. Entering the state of happiness is not always so easy and we acknowledge the pressure being given to you that may send you to fear and anguish. There is practicality to being a spiritually-minded being. It is not all love and light. These are the goals, certainly.


We see the way failure, fear, and anxiety are emphasized by the leaders of the world today. The conflicts rising to your eyes are in fact not new but are expressions of the great imbalance we have existed in for many millennia. In a sense, they are being artificially amplified. What appears as racial prejudice or economic dispropriation, what appears as one group seeking to lord it over or even destroy another is an extreme expression of the unbalanced forces of yin and yang.

It is the intensification of the conflicting forces that will eventually, and we will say soon, bring about a greater shift in the family human than can be understood even when looking at recorded history.

Even so, it is not a cataclysm that is necessary. We believe that we are past such wasteful energy on the earth. This also does not indicate that passing from one age to another will be accomplished with ease. We can say that the seeds to new humanity are in place and growing, if not beginning to adapt and thrive already.

The challenge is to remain as strong as possible in your spiritual growth and beliefs, accomplishing all things with an overarching sense of love, all while remaining flexible enough in your dealings with others so that, rather than engage in conflict, you promote peace. This latter may prove most difficult for everyone involved, for the effort of some is to create conflict no matter the intention of another to find common ground. In other words, for many the goal is conflict.


 How then do you deal with such a world while seeking peace? Attempting to force peace will never succeed. Cultivating and nurturing peace will, in time, allow peace to grow deep roots.

It is in the path of joy that we, as individuals, undivided ones who are strong within our own self-realization and self-actualization, may find refuge from the worst of the winds of change. Meditate deeply on these questions: What causes rejoicing in your inner self? What brings the sense of hope to you?

Even when despair arises that such joys may be terminated or eliminated, trust that the sense of joy is eternal and embodied not only in the life form of humanity but many of the species alive in the current days as well as the past and the future. It is an aspect of what we spoke of earlier, that core DNA that seeks to adapt to whatever situation a being finds itself.

Joy supports hope. Joy enhances peace. Joy creates channels for the energy of Love. Love is the core of Source. Love survives all things.

Jeff Michaels, www.onereonchannels.com