Harmonizing Humanity

Onereon Channel from Jeff Michaels, www.onereonchannels.com

As above, so below. There is so much noise in your lives. It is not due to choices you make directly, but more from the world you live in. We do not wish to add to the noise. We hope to clarify things.

Does the future look bright? It depends on how far in the future you look.

We have never said “easy.” We have never said “smooth.” It is better to go into these coming times with an upbeat spirit than not. This is a simple statement to make, but in the face of so much noise, psychic as well as physical, maintaining a positive spirit is challenging. Because it is easy to begin to feel there is no value to things being done by you personally. It is easy to get lost in the mass of voices, the chaos of vibrational interaction.

We have spoken of vibrations before and indicated that there is no predicting how individual events will work out, in the sense that one pebble dropped into still water will allow for concentric rings of waves to flow out from the point of entry, but dropping another pebble nearby alters the first waves. Even in this there is a possibility that you can map the interactions in a controlled enough environment. But a third pebble and a fourth and a fifth and suddenly the waves become, to all appearances, chaotic. And yet the patterns, the rings are still there, and the energy is still there, and the vibrations are simply reactions to moments of impact.

The pebble did not ask to be dropped into the water. The water did not request the pebble. Someone had to pick the pebble up, hold it over the water, and drop it on purpose. Why would someone disturb the peace of the pond? It is something that humans do – disturb the peace. It is a by-product of the attribute of curiosity. Also of greed.

The helplessness that the masses feel is a very legitimate sensation. There is apparently little action to be taken in these present days that is viewed as having any value, or choices made that actually make a difference. What can one person or two people do? When are people, attempting to do something, just adding pebbles to the water?

Withdraw or Engage?

In recent years, there have been many global societal disappointments, yet historically human society has taken greater hits than what is occurring today. The stress that is being created arises from small stresses repeated over and over. These can, will, and are causing a process that is cracking the collective human psyche and also cracking human mores. The result is a fracturing of current civilization itself. From our perspective, in the spiritual realm, we see this, and, in a sense, we say, “Not this again.” Because we are seeking balance. Balance of human energy, yes. But there is a greater energy than what you are seeing being balanced.

Removing your consciousness from current events is not a solution. Maintaining a proper perspective on current events is a solution, because it is a seeking of balance of the energies that you observe as imbalanced. But be cautious not to take a stand or judge other energies, assuming that they are either balanced or imbalanced, when they are merely a different end of the same spectrum. It is difficult to discern when you are in an emotional form, and you are.

There are expectations we have in the spiritual realm that have not yet been achieved. We are in a lengthy phase referred to as Harmonic Coalescence. The goal is to gather disparate forces and align them in a pattern of peace and growth. This requires time for chaotic elements to settle, also for imbalanced energies to purify. Sometimes the best way to allow the chaotic, seemingly destructive elements to settle is to let them play out, exhausting their own power. The energies that we are seeking to purify, to adjust and to balance, the imbalanced Yang energies we desire to dissipate – they also coalesce. They also become larger by gathering.

We must remember that it is not only imbalanced Yang that is being balanced, but also the Yin energies. Do you see how this is occurring? Do you witness the strengthening of Yin?

At times there seems to be more progress towards harmony than there actually is. At times we, in the spiritual realm, become aware of potential and when potential is not yielded, we must then explore the reasons why. What did we miss? What elements, what portions, what degrees of activity could have been enhanced to increase the potential? And so, we persist in our efforts. Because what else would we do?

We continue and enjoy and appreciate and move forward, traveling along with all life on the earth’s journey through this cosmos. We watch the moon rise through your eyes, we watch the clouds over the mountains, we watch the sun, and we watch the birds.

We can say to you: Move forward. And you can say: Yes, we want to move forward, but we don’t know which direction is forward. And so we say: When we entwine with the energies, solar and galactic, we enjoy that. It is not a straight line. It is not always a predictable line. As we spin within these energies, we are moved from one moment to another to another to another. We do not always know…and that is part of the fun, part of what we enjoy. It is part of the power and strength of the universe, the lack of predictability. It is why Source chose to do what Source does – diversify.

The universe does not support conformity. The universe thrives on diversity.

Envision Harmony

Instead of the imbalanced Yang energies easily dissipating, we have seen delays in the harmonizing process because of spikes of this energy all through this section of the galaxy, especially in our solar system. We expect a wave of change but sometimes there is something unexpected that pushes back against a wave. And so, the wave itself does not stop: it alters, it shifts, it retreats, it re-gathers, and in the next cycle the wave returns.

We sense the chaos. Expectation of global harmony is not being achieved. For many, it was in view. That vision now seems occluded. The blow has been deep for many. The nature of the resurgence of the Yang energy has been great and while it had not been unexpected on a cosmic level, the strength of it, the resurgence of it, the coalescence of the imbalanced Yang energy upon the planet has been a surprise for many.

Expectation is a big cause of the chaos that is going on now. People expect life to be a certain way, perhaps never changing. When untruths are spoken, and some people believe and repeat them, this merely intensifies the false expectation. Yet change is constant. The expectation of a rigid order as a solution to humanity’s problems is a false one and will not come true. Because it is not based in energetic reality. It is not something that creates peace, but only sows chaos. And yet many seeds of growth and diversity are being planted, both on the earth and off, and there is a change still to come – a wave of change. It may be delayed, it may be diverted to some extent, but it is too big. It cannot be stopped.

There are motions and actions and vibrations that will balance the world, the global society. The tighter people cling to what is not real, the more that they insist what is false is true, the more they deceive themselves, the more difficult it will be for those who cling to an outmoded illusion of the past when the change actually arrives.

What can a spiritually-minded being do when confronted with rigid attempts to control an ever-changing world? Comprehend that this is always a fear-based reaction, an attempt to control something not understood. Feel the frustration. Understand it and then do something joyful to balance. Wherever possible, bring joy to frustrating situations. The world will continue to be frustrating for some time. Why not simply enjoy life in a small way? Enjoy what you have around you.

We use the word joy often and so be en-joy, infused in joy, even in small things, in tiny, tiny matters. Uplifting entertainments: books, writings, vision, sound – these are all vibrations that are harmoniously designed to allow for thought, for emotions, for growth. There are moments then when balance is understood in ways that will surprise you. Balancing through joy nurtures the seed inside you. It nurtures you at your core, your karmic core.

Expect Change

We have said we are at a point of time where the out-of-balance energies will diminish and become balanced. We still say this. We still believe this is what is happening. We do not believe there can be any other direction for these imbalanced Yang energies except to diminish, to wear out, to burn out. But in order for a fire to burn out, it has to consume all of the fuel, so great conflagrations can occur, and they can be destructive. Alternately they can be perceived as an action of clearing away dead wood and unfruitful trees.

The change will occur. From the perspective of the spirit realm we see no other course, except for this wave of change to approach and wash over this part of the galaxy. It is not an event that can be wished away. It can be affected, slowed, or altered. Some of that effect is based on cosmic energies that as human, you do not yet understand. But the change will be here. It may be delayed, diverted, or altered – but there is just too much energy approaching.

We still believe the result will be a calming, a washing away of old energies, a cooling period, let us say, of heated things. A diminishing, in some respects, of numbers of beings upon the planet. But not a destruction, not an extinction, not a severe wave of death. More a period of time of reduction.

We still believe this transference from chaos disguised as order, to the flow of change and growth, can be much more gentle. The opportunity for peaceful transition and coalescence is very powerful, very strong. We wait and see. Many stones are being cast at the moment. Pebbles fall.

There is the expression of love and joy and peace that we always close with and so we bring you these reminders now, even if they are not qualities easily achieved at this point in human history. Seek them. Seek Love, and Joy, and Peace. If necessary, pretend. In this way, they will remain realities no matter the chaos that exists on the planet.       


Jeff Michaels, www.onereonchannels.com