The Age of Change: A Challenging Path to the Future

Do you sense it? Are you aware of moments of destiny occurring?

If there is increased enlightenment on the earth today, why is there so much trouble in the world? If we are nearing a better, more peaceful future, why does it seem that wars and violence are increasing? What actions are correct? What paths should a spiritually-minded being take to help the world gain that which appears most humans desire?

The vision of a golden age is a true thing. Such a state of existence can become reality sooner than you may be capable of believing while observing the current chaotic world.

The energy of change is moving rapidly. It cannot be contained. It cannot be stopped. It can be useful. It can be channeled. The higher perspective offered within these pages can inspire you to form powerful channels of energy to create the results and future you desire.

“Do not despair if it seems that there is a retrograde of progressive concepts. Old beliefs have deep roots, but their soil is shallow. Winds of change are toppling them.”

Is death an ending, or is it a transformation of energy, a continuation of experience?

Becomes Us All: Visions of Death and Life

Excerpts from Onereon Channels which specifically address the topics of death and life. 

"Sentient life about the planet consists of both spiritual and physical beings. We are all together in our journey."

Five books of collected Onereon channels are also available

Harmonic Coalescence: The Future of Humanity

It is All New Now! Join together with the compassionate spirit group Onereon as they present their unique perspective of life, death, and rebirth. Share their practical direction and encouragement for living through this time of unprecedented change.

Touch the Earth: A Path to Ascension

We, Onereon, say these few things again and again:

  • Touch the earth, so that when you raise your vibration higher and higher still, you remain strong and balanced, a spiritual light to the planet.

  • Grow closer to your spiritual companions.

  • Cultivate greater awareness.

  • Increase your ability to respond.

  • Do not waste your words.

  • In all of your life seek to be loving, joyful, and peaceful.

You Are Not Alone! Enter a World of Spiritual Communication.

Beings: a Journey to Joy

Seek Love. Seek Joy. Seek Peace. Inside this unique book you will find encouragement to increase these qualities as you pursue your spiritual path.

Enter this time with love for each other under all circumstances.
Find joy in living no matter what is happening around you.
To act in a peaceful way is to act in a spiritual way. This is your future if you choose.

Light: The Reason for Existence

Sentient life about the planet consists of both spiritual and physical beings. We are all together in our journey. The journey is reaching a marker, but it is not over. Join with your spiritual companions and those of others as we seek, pursue, and strive for a complete vision of a future of love, joy, and peace.

The True You

Who is the true you? Who are you at your karmic core? Who would you be without outside influences? What is your true karmic purpose? By asking yourself these questions, you begin a process of deep spiritual development that will change what is important to you now and in your future. Do not ask these questions lightly! Once spoken, the process begins.

Onereon opens every channel with the words, "As Above, So Below."
Each session closes with the admonition to Seek Love, Joy, and Peace.

Love, and Joy, and Peace

from Beings: A Journey to Joy
by Onereon and Jeff Michaels

Life is Joy. Sometimes you need to exert effort for your joy.
Life is Love. That may be a truth closer than any other.
Life is Peace.

We remind you, peace is an energy of action as well as stillness. We invite you to be at peace to the best of your abilities with full knowledge that it is not a peaceful time. Let others find within you an example of peace.

What brings you joy? Do you see how in times of energy depletion, we sometimes let go of joy first and so spiritual connection becomes difficult. Strengthen your heart. Find the joys in life, even the small ones.

The more joy you bring now, the more joy you will have later. Love and joy and peace. These do not come from anything outside of you. They only come from inside of you and when you open those gifts up they will immediately attract love and joy and peace to you.

Do what you love. Do what brings you joy. Do what grants you peace. In this way, you are fulfilled.

Please visit Jeff Michaels' author website to explore his metaphyictional writings.